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Ilan Pappe interview: key to peace lies in history
Bibi in control until Obama calls settlements illegal
The left was crushed but now the right rises in Iran
Michel Massih QC: defending the indefensible
Val Vester: matriarch of Jerusalem's oasis of neutrality
Time to restart Lebanon's school for spies?

Russia etc.
Solzhenitsyn: in tyranny, he found inspiration
The lesson of Chechnya: no war ever ends cleanly
Russia knew the West wouldn't dare step in to help Georgia
Cold War? No, but it could be a bumpy ride
Moscow 1980 vs Beijing 2008
The return of Putin and humiliation for the West
In Search of Russia's Middle Class

Books & Arts
Nadim Sawalha: 40 years a foreigner
Txting is gd 4 u
3 books that reframe the Palestinian issue
Taxi: Cairo through the windscreen
How to enjoy Beirut on Thames

Islam & the West
The Muslim scare story that just doesn't add up
Until the West starts to listen to the Islamists, the tensions will remain
'Devil sheikh' preaches moderation and respect

There are none so blind as those who look too closely
Help the people of Africa ... don't give generously