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Feburary 1996 - John with Sarah and Andrei March 1996 - one of the baby house rooms
Feburary 1996: John, being held by Sarah, with his friend Andrei (right), in Baby House
10, taken a few days before John was transferred to a mental asylum.
March 1996: A view of one of the
rooms in the baby house.
March 1996 - Adela March 1996 - a caregiver feeds children
March 1996: portrait of Adela, head doctor of Baby House 10. March 1996: A caregiver feeds children
in baby walkers tethered to a playpen.

June 1996 - John at Filimonki January 1996 - boy in permanant bed regime July 1996 - John and Vika
June 1996: John, hastily dressed,
is presented to visitors in the
children’s wing of the Filimonki
January 1996: unnamed boy in
permanent bed regime in Internat
30, Moscow.
July 1996: John, with a Red Sox cap hiding his shaven head, is held by Vika in the
grounds of the mental asylum.

July 1996 - John in the grounds of the mental asylum December 1996 - John and Andrei
July 1996: John makes a pained face as he chews on a sour grape in the grounds
of the mental asylum.
Dec 1996: John and Andrei pose with an accordion.

March 1997 - John celebrates his birthday for the first time September 1997 - John learning to walk July 1998 - John outside the baby house
March 1997: John, on Vika’s lap,
celebrates his birthday for the first
September 1997: John learns to walk
after being operated on in a
Moscow hospital.
July 1998: John on a bench outside
the baby house.

August 2008 - Alan and John September 2008 - John at home September 2008 - John and his Mom Paula
August 2008: John shows Alan around his neighbourhood in
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Sept 2008: John on the porch of his
home in Bethlehem.
Sept 2008: John with his Mom Paula.

October 2009 - Alan and John October 2009 - Brunch in Manhattan
October 2009: John and Alan outside John's home in Bethlehem,
October 2009: Brunch in Manhattan after speaking at St Bartholomew’s
Church, Park Avenue.

October 2009 - book signing October 2009 - signing books
October 2009: signing books in Easton Pennsylvania. The store ran out of copies!


A tribute from one of John’s classmates.

The Boy From Baby House 10